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Is this 4 month sleep regression, need help!!!

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Bearcubmumma Sun 26-Jul-15 21:23:08

My 4.5month old has never slept very well but has been manageable, would wake in the night around 2.30ish for dummy and then on and off from then, however the past week has been awful, waking up every 30-60mins all through the night, slowly getting earlier and earlier, he goes down around 8.30 and by 11 he is stirring and crying for his dummy and resettle etc, this will go on all night, is this sleep regression?
If so how long will it last?
I have read so many different things, some websites say it is here to stay, some say if it last more than 4 weeks go see doc.
Somebody please advise me on what I can do to get through this.

FATEdestiny Mon 27-Jul-15 20:21:18

Try feeding more frequently through the daytime to 'calorie load' during the daytime. Most babies are better with more frequent feeds rather than bigger ones.

The route cause of the 4 month sleep regression is increased calorific need. The baby is learning to do many new things and so the amount of calories he was getting is no longer enough.

My DDs milk intake went up by 25% at 4 months old - which is a significant amount.

Remember that if nothing changes, nothing will change. Be flexible in accepting that what was working no longer is, so it needs to change and you need to do something differently. Most usually with babies this will mean changes in sleep or milk

zombiemeow Tue 28-Jul-15 18:26:04

Sounds like the sleep regression to me.

Ds started this around 4 months. It carried on for weeks when it peaked with him waking every 30 mins for a week or so, it's gradually getting better. He's now 8mo (sorry!) and were down to around 4 wake ups a night.

Come join the 4mo sleep regression thread if you fancy a moan grin

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