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15month old, difficult bedtimes

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Milkyway1304 Sat 25-Jul-15 10:18:36

My 15month old has started to fight bedtime, instead wanting to march around the bedroom for up to an hour before bed, generally warbling away and laughing. Screaming in the cot (previously would settle if we sat by the cot). Not settling until 930/10pm which is late with a 7am start. She was settling for us with a quick cuddle/handholding at 8-830pm up to a week ago. She's only been walking a few weeks, and is taking longer naps (2-2.5hours, previously 1-1.5) in the day so we have tried a later bedtime with no luck! I don't feel right waking her from naps and don't mind a later bedtime, but taking an hour plus to settle is a bit much. Has anyone been through this? Assuming it's a phase?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 28-Jul-15 06:58:30

Could you wake her in the day after 1.5 hours? I'd also try an earlier bedtime, not later. I'd aim to have the bedtime routine so that she's in her cot by 7pm. It could just be that she's overtired smile

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