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11 month old sleep help

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ThaddyMummy Fri 24-Jul-15 21:57:54

Suggestions please for how to help our 11 month old into a more sane sleep routine.

He will sleep if he feeds himself to sleep on the breast or in the buggy, will not settle himself to sleep at all.

He wakes up about 6am has a feed, falls back to sleep, wakes at 7am, has the other boob and falls back to sleep again.

Then wakes at around 9:30am (!) and has breakfast. Will generally then sleep at 1pm, again falls to sleep on boob, has 40 mins, then has lunch. At about 5pm he often has another 40 mins, again on boob.

He then stays awake until he falls asleep somewhere between 10pm and 11pm on boob, and I then take him to bed.

Obviously this means he is up every second that I am up so I get no evening (or time) to myself whatsoever.

In a way he is doing a 12 hour overnight sleep, just has his timings very off confused but the not being able to sleep without feeding himself off is becoming an urgent problem as he has started biting me hard when feeding, so I have to pull him away, which means he doesn't drift off to sleep.

GoodToesBadToes Fri 24-Jul-15 22:00:17

You have my sympathy! You'll have to do some kind of sleep training as he has a really strong feed to sleep association now. You can either go quick & painful or slow & gentle

kittyvet Fri 24-Jul-15 22:03:16

Recommend gentle sleep book by Sarah ockwell smith. Depends where your parenting style sits but my daughter very similar, and the way I see it boobs are there to comfort baby to sleep so not a problem. Biting is. If she bites I say 'ow don't bite it hurts mummy' and take her off for a short while. If she is dozing off and sleep feeding I take her off before she slips off and causes me pain by chewing down on my nipple.

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