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Alternative to Moses basket - Sleepy head?

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00roversreturn00 Fri 24-Jul-15 18:15:47

Hi Everyone,

I'm expecting my second baby and looking into alternative options to a Moses basket. DS1 hated it so much I threw it in the bin in frustration after a couple of weeks and he slept on me instead. Keen to not have a sleeping baby on me this time as I'll have my son to run around after.

Has anyone tried a sleepyhead, are they worth the investment? Keen to hear any other suggestions that may have worked.

Many thanks.

MrsBP Sat 25-Jul-15 03:51:16

Definitely worth the money - works out about the same as a Moses basket and stand and has more longevity too. I had one from start with dd1 and a lot of friends followed suite and have found it works well. Babies seem to love the secure feeling and makes change to cot so easy. Dd1 used hers til 9 months!

DXBMermaid Sat 25-Jul-15 03:59:39

Try looking at the poddle pod. Sort of simular to a sleepy head but much cheaper. Used ours with DD and it is now awaiting the arrival of DS.

FATEdestiny Sat 25-Jul-15 13:02:11

I have used a full sized 3-sided cot butted up to my bed, from birth. Just remove one side of a normal cot and push it up to your side of the bed.

The fact that it is a cot (rather than crib) means there is plenty of room for you to lean right into the cot to cuddle up and even feed baby. Also makes transferring from your bed to cot easier because there is no barrier.

That for night time, then daytime sleeps have always been in a bouncy chair.

Happilymarried155 Sat 25-Jul-15 19:06:47

We used sleepyhead and it's amazing! smile
The poddle isn't the same as the sleepyhead as it's not recommended for overnight sleeping, the sleepyhead has a mattress so it is a flat surface for the baby to lie on and therefore good for there back. I always say that the sleepyhead is one of my best baby buys! X

SweetAndFullOfGrace Sat 25-Jul-15 19:08:33

We had a cocoonababy, DD slept really well on it.

textbook Sat 25-Jul-15 19:23:35

I'm evangelical about my Sleepyhead! We had a Deluxe and have a Grand now that my dd2 (22 months) still loves. We are about to take it abroad for holiday as she is so comfy in it. Get one if you can!

00roversreturn00 Sun 26-Jul-15 12:15:09

Great, thanks for the messages everyone. Really helpful.

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