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2years old - what time's bedtime?

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AmandaNov10 Thu 23-Jul-15 14:28:30

Exactly that, my DC2 is 2 and a half and bedtime is 7 if she's not had a nap, 8:30 if she has!! When is bedtime in your house?

And, actually, naptimes and for how long?


Grewupinafield Thu 23-Jul-15 14:50:09

Ds1 is 2 and a half, he doesn't nap in the day, hasn't for a long time! He goes to bed at 7pm. He goes straight to sleep, we're very lucky. He shares a room with his baby brother who is almost 1 and they go to bed at the same time, both with some milk and they go to sleep. They generally wake between 6-7.

The boys are bathed every other night, every night we have a story before bed.

AmandaNov10 Thu 23-Jul-15 15:05:00

Thanks Grewupinafield! Naptime is on the way out in this house, but after a few nap free days, with a lovely 7pm bedtime, sound asleep by 7:15 it all catches up with her and she NEEDS a nap, (today!!) then bedtime is hell on earth!

RatOnnaStick Thu 23-Jul-15 15:09:10

Bedtime is 7pm, down by 7.30ish. He still has an hours nap most days aged 2.7. He can cope on the weekends with just catnaps in the car but he's much better for a proper nap in the week. No problem with staying asleep til we get up at 6ish.

BoutrosBoutros Thu 23-Jul-15 15:17:31

22 months here, nap is an hour just after lunch (although he would sleep for 3 hours some days given the chance). Bedtime is about 7.15, he's usually asleep by 7.45. Later bedtime doesn't seem to mean less dicking around in our case so not planning to move it back. He sleeps until after 7 which is a blessing after 9 months of 5am starts from about 9 months old! He's just moved into a proper bed from his cot which I think is affecting his bedtime excitement levels so sometimes he drops off without a peep and sometimes we're putting him back for half an hour solidly and find him passed out in a corner somewhere!

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