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How to co-sleep safely

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BumWad Wed 22-Jul-15 09:37:39

This goes on from Holly's thread where her newborn won't sleep in her Moses basket.

I would like advice from all you co-sleepers. A bit of background: DS is 8 weeks old, 2 weeks corrected. We have a Snuzpod in the bedroom, a Boori bassinet downstairs AND we also bought a Moses basket as he hated the bassinet.

The Snuzpod gets used the most however he is still quite unsettled in it. The last 2 nights I have got him in our bed and he has slept like a dream. Not sure if it's cos the bed smells like me and DH, if it's cosier or what. So we've spent all this money on various sleeping areas only for him to love the bed.

Last night I was so knackered I put my curved feeding pillow around him and moved the duvet away from him. I know this was slapdash but I needed sleep! How do we co sleep effectively and more important safely? I'm petrified of crushing or rolling onto him. I've heard of the Sleeepyhead but it's so expensive, is it really worth the money? Would rather not spend that much. Do we need to push the bed against the wall? What do I do with pillows and duvet?

Thank uou

lilac3033 Wed 22-Jul-15 15:07:54

DD was the same. Sleepyhead saved the day! You can use it in the bed for awhile then move into to wherever you want DS to sleep. I got it at 4 weeks for DD. Prior to that I co-slept with her on my chest with a baby blanket around her waist and tucked under me to keep her sliding off. No pillows or duvets anywhere near her. Worked for us, as I never moved.

FeedYourselfSmiles Thu 23-Jul-15 03:59:06

Second the sleepyhead! Pricey but worth it.

Hazchem Thu 23-Jul-15 05:02:19

You sort c shape around baby. Your head on a pillow, you lower arm out at shoulder height, baby's face at boob height, your knees tucked up so baby can't slide down. You have to make sure baby doesn't go under your doona and baby should be on the outside of the bed.
That all sounds complicated but it becomes natural. We sometimes end up with baby sleeping on me as he prefers that some nights.

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