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My 2yr old will not sleep in her bed!

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ange44 Fri 07-May-04 11:24:37

Any suggestions?? when she wakes in her own bed, she will cry & call me, i go in to settle her, but she wakes again & again knowing im not there. She has only started to sleep in her bed recently, as she used to sleep in mine, which was a big mistake, but easy at the time & situation i was in. I have tried a sticker game for each night then a present at the end of the week, but its really hard.

gloworm Fri 07-May-04 11:40:29

we had this problem for a while too, dh slept in bed with ds for a few weeks and soon ds was sleeping through night on his own no problem.
there are aslo loads of good threads on sleep here.

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