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Terrible sleep 6mo can it get better?

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Chloris33 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:11:39

Our sleep is now the worst ever & has been, on & off for the last month. Lo is 6.5 months. Teething has defo been an issue - he has cut 2 teeth & a third is on its way. He's also learned to roll & v close to crawling. Also has bad eczema. Started solids 2 weeks ago. Last night he woke 6 times, just from being unsettled. Quite often he wakes every 2 hours. He slept better at 3-5 months. I tend to feed to sleep & he finds it hard to settle himself to sleep. Is there any chance we'll come through this to a natural improvement in sleep without controlled crying? I'm not very keen on trying a crying approach. Thanks!

MoominaMama Mon 20-Jul-15 21:34:51

Hi. He sounds very similar to my DS. He really suffers when teething, and rather than help .. weaning actually made things worse for a while whilst his tummy got used to digesting new things.

He is now 11 months old. He started to crawl 3 weeks ago and it was like someone flicked a switch. He slept 12 hours solid that first night and has done 10-12 hours everynight since. He has even cut a few teeth in that time without it disrupting his sleep (he woke 15 times with teething before that).

So really I just wanted to say there is hope! Once weaning gets established and he gets on the move more to exhaust himself .. hopefully a deeper longer sleep will follow!

APipkinOfPepper Mon 20-Jul-15 21:43:58

My DS was A really bad sleeper at about 6 months. It did get better, although slowly! Also I got a book "the no cry sleep solution" which I found helpful.

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