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Pick up put down advice please!!

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lozzy1982 Sun 19-Jul-15 14:29:25

Hi there, ive recently started using the pupd method with my 4 month old ds and have had pretty good results. The first couple of nights were like hell on earth, but since then, i put him down, he has a bit of a whimper, but doesnt cry as such, and last night i didnt even have to pick him up at all. A simple hand on his tummy and soothing words did the trick. My question is, when he isnt whimpering and frailing around, should i just leave my hand on his tummy, or do i remove it, and only replace it when he starts whimpering again? I dont want to start becomig a prop for him getting to sleep. Any ideas? Ive read the baby whisperer cover to cover but doesnt make it clear. Thanks!!

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