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Any ideas for 5month olds sleep

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gemsie23 Sat 18-Jul-15 09:50:48

Hi! I'm just after some ideas about how to get my 5mo dd to sleep better? There is no pattern to her sleep, she can sleep through 7-6 and does for 2-3nights or more then she goes to waking a few times a night and is quickly settled with her dummy, last night she woke at 3:25, not crying, just moaning and didn't go off again until 5! I went in about 8 times to give her her dummy. Is the problem that she can't self settle back to sleep because of the dummy? Should I try and get rid of it? She likes to start the day between 5& 6 too! I wish this was slightly later but when she does sleep through that is 10-11 hours so I guess I can't complain, but sleeping through isn't often now!

cosmicglittergirl Sat 18-Jul-15 11:37:21

My DD2 is five months and has gone from reliably sleeping 7-3 then 4-7 to waking at 10 pm or 1.30 am then 4.00 etc. I think one thing to consider is many babies have disrupted sleep patterns at this age. (Google four month sleep regression) and tje other is that day sleep feeds into night, so if they have napped well they should sleep well, but at this age they are also waking more in the day.

Things to try are to try and ensure they sleep well in the day (easier said than done) and try to have a consistent bed time routine and time e.g. Feed, bath, song bed at 7.00 or whatever suits. This should help them to get off to sleep.
The thing is though, babies wake for many reasons (hunger, cold, learning something new) that the best advice I was given is to not worry about it too much, it will pass. I ve had to say this to myself many times over the last three weeks as I'm up three times a night instead of one!
The dummy I don't really know. I couldn't be bothered with them. Try a night without it and see.

gemsie23 Sat 18-Jul-15 19:24:41

Thank you!
Her napping has varied lately but most days she stil naps for 40mins ish every 2 hrs after waking. She has a strict bedtime routine which we have had for quite some time and yesterday even tho she slept 5:15-6 she still went to bed at 7:15 like normal and went off fine it was just during the night. I'm going to keep a diary of naps and sleep this week and see if there is any pattern. Might get rid of the dummy at the weekend when both myself and partner around.

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