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9 week old waking at set times in night

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MrsBP Sat 18-Jul-15 02:44:45

My dd (breast fed) appears to be settling into the habit of waking at 2 and 5 am each night for fees regardless of dream feed timing. She's been dropping down the percentiles (started on 50 and is down now to 2) so night feeds not are probably needed but I cannot figure out why she wakes at the same time regardless of when or what her last feed in the eve is (have introduced 1 formula feed) the 5am feed is a killer as I've just got her down when dd1 wakes for day and then little baby sleeps til 9 lucky her. Any ideas if this habit is fleeting or set to stay? Can't help thinking it's not hunger waking her but habit. Dd1 had same weight issue but only woke once in early months and slept through at 10 weeks! (I started waking her ironically)

Tiptoeshoes Sat 18-Jul-15 02:49:50

Honestly 9 weeks is tiny and she's just waking if she's hungry. It's a coincidence that it's similar times.

I think you were very lucky with your first baby, most don't sleep through so young.

milkingmachine1 Sat 18-Jul-15 02:51:30

Isn't it normal for a 9 week old to feed every 2-3 hours? Is she only waking twice in the night?
Not sure about dropping in centiles, is she dropping the amount/regularity of feeds? Have you spoken to your GP or HV

spatchcock Sat 18-Jul-15 03:04:27

Totally normal, she's 9 weeks old and needs comfort and reassurance, not just milk.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sat 18-Jul-15 03:25:10

I think you were just very lucky with your first child, feeding every 2-3 hours is completely normal at that age. Mine did the same until about 6 months (still doesn't sleep through at 20 months but that's another story)

Itsallaboutme3 Sat 18-Jul-15 03:26:25

Two times a night - i would have loved that! My dd at 9 weeks was still every 3 hours!

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