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Nap time trouble

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lilac3033 Fri 17-Jul-15 12:28:10

DD is 10 weeks old and until a couple of weeks ago I never really concerned myself with naps. However I started to realise that her nightly episodes of screaming and fussiness probably had a lot to do with this.
So I tried working some naps in with her in the sling. It worked wonders! She didn't cry as much and went to bed earlier.
That lasted about a week. Now it takes longer to get her to sleep in the sling. When she does fall asleep it is for about 45 minutes tops. I am lucky if I get three naps a day. It's happened about twice. If I want a longer nap I basically have to go on a three mile hike. Frankly I don't have the energy.
To make matters worse I am pretty sure her sleepy cues are mimicking hunger cues now. I feed her when she wakes up and generally on demand but I honestly believe it is tiredness half the time. Even if I do feed her she might doze but she won't sleep! Yesterday she spent HOURS on the breast, no sleep just a ten minute cat nap.
I had a lot of issues establishing bf and have pretty much cut out the top ups. Her weight gain has been fine (I get it checked weekly due to bf issues). DP always thinks she needs more food, and if offered a top up (formula) she will guzzle 20-40ml but end up with reflux. I take that as over eating personally. I think it is comfort sucking she wants and again I am willing to do that. I just feel it keeps her from properly sleeping.
Anyways I have started taking her into a darker room to nap with minimal distractions, if I am not using the sling. It took 2 hours to get her to sleep last night. I just spent 50 minutes on trying to get her to sleep for a nap, we'll see how long it lasts. That was after she's been awake for 90 minutes. I will try and be consistent. I know it is too early to sleep train but I know she needs to nap!! She just fights naps SO much. It is such a shame that so much of her day currently involves being upset because she fights the sleep.
I am going to get better blackout blinds (any recommendations?) and I have a white noise machine. I just want to make sure I am on the right track. Any other things I can try? I know it will take time and I am keen to avoid bad habits!

FizzyBubbly Fri 17-Jul-15 12:52:34

Going through the same with my 10 week old too! Have you heard of the wonder weeks? (There's a book and an app) DD2 was doing good naps in the sling and starting to self settle in her cot at bedtimes... until Monday when she started her 3rd wonder week. She's fighting sleep like crazy now! I followed wonder weeks with DD1 and found it incredibly accurate. Good news is she 'should' be back to normal in a few days, until the next WW that is confused

lilac3033 Fri 17-Jul-15 13:16:01

My sister has a baby 6 days older than me and she had mentioned Wonder Weeks a couple days ago. I had read about them before but I think I'll need to look into a bit more now!

Ibu1986 Fri 17-Jul-15 13:18:33

Lots of naps are only 45 mins because that's how long a sleep cycle lasts. I think 45 min naps are fine.

I also have a sling/carrier addict (also 10 weeks old) who fights sleep and at the suggestion of my dad invested in a swinging chair (nuna leaf). After a few weeks of trying it everyday DS will now nap in it. I follow a simplified bedtime routine- swaddle him, white noise on and dummy in. I swing him in the chair until he falls asleep and then stop. Sometimes he naps 30 mins, sometimes 2 hr 30 mins. I'm hoping to move the routine into his crib in the next few weeks. Have you tried a bouncing or swinging chair?

He still has at least one nap a day in his sling though. I really feel for you as I went weeks of wearing him in the carrier for up to 6 hours a day in order for him to nap.

Also do check out PP's suggestion of Wonder Weeks. My DS's naps always go crappy during a developmental leap.

lilac3033 Fri 17-Jul-15 14:01:44

Thanks, I actually have a Nuna Leaf which she loves to swing in but has never gone to sleep in. Saying that I've never tried very hard to get her to do it! She won't be swaddled but I might try closing all the blinds and seeing how that goes for the next time. She woke up the second I tried to move her from my chest to her crib. So I put her in the sling and she's still asleep now. I don't mind the sling some times as I think it helps me to get some exercise and encourages me to go for a walk. However it isn't great if it is raining and I can't get out to walk!
I've got Wonder Weeks on the kindle just now. I'll try reading that while feeding!

ToonLass Fri 17-Jul-15 21:02:39

I'd just like to recommend the groBlinf - we have a blackout blind but still let light in round the sides so bought the GroBlind and it's so much darker. It's portable too so perfect when we are visiting my family smile

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