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Finally getting somewhere and wanted to post for other mums!!!!

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lozzy1982 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:37:33

Hi mums and any dads reading.

I have a 4 month old ds who hasnt been a great sleeper since day one. I have posted so many different problems on here hoping for answears and finally, i think i have had a breakthrough. Hes well into his 4 months now, and he has sleep regressed, but gone better. Hes the problems i had, and what ive changed, if u take anything from it and it helps, ive done my bit, as u have all helped me so much.

Ds has reflux. First problem. We have only either fed to sleep, or rocked. Ds has woken up so many times in the night, taking full feeds, sometimes once, sometimes 3 times, and waking up really early in the morning as well. Up at 5, refusing to go back to sleep.
Then, i read the baby whisperer and have done the following in the last week;
1) changed from a 3 hr to 4 hr feeding routine. I noticed that ds was not finishing his feeds every 3 hours, and was sleeping through feeds so, pushed him to 4 and he os so much happier, draining his 7oz bottle each time.
2) make sure he takes 3 naps a day. This has been hard, but its worked. In a morning, about an hr and half after he gets up, he naps. I do the pick up, put down routine, in his own room, in his cot. This nap is only about 45 mins.
2nd nap, at lunch. After feed and activity i either put him in the pram, but the best is the car. I set off, and when hea flat out, i park up, engine off, and read. He has between 1 and half and two hours. Finally, a catnap, only about 45 minutes, and ending at about 2 hours before bedtime. Again, car or pram.
4) pick up put down at night. This was hard first few nights, took just under and hour, but has slowly reduced. Tonight, i picked him up once and was done within 15 minutes.
5) good beftime routine. Last feed, bath, massage, booke, cot. Pupd.
Ladies, the last week he has slept for 12 hours. It has to be these changes as he was up the wall before.
Im no guru, and he will prob fo off the wall tomorrow night, but i thought it was worth telling you! smile

Lucaslovesfelicity Thu 16-Jul-15 09:09:30

Thanks for this. My dd is only 3 weeks old but will try this when it is time to get her into a bit of a routine. My other two children were poor sleepers so want to try a different approach this time around flowers

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