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13 month old sleep routine

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beckiebee04 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:30:24

My little one would have a bath at 7 and id give her a 7oz bottle and she would go straight to sleep, now she will not let me give her a bottle, she wants to do it new herself, she drinks the whole bottle and wants more and rolls around on her blanket and eventually drifts off after 2 bottles... Is there anything wrong with this

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 15-Jul-15 21:22:52

I can't see anything wrong with it. Is she getting enough to eat in the day?

beckiebee04 Thu 16-Jul-15 03:39:11

She eats a lot tbh and she can wake in thenight too n do a full bottle, does anyone else have supper

purplemurple1 Thu 16-Jul-15 05:31:50

At 13 months my ds routine was
5 - cup of milk and a weetabix
8 - porridge
930 - fruit
1130 - warm lunch
12-1330 nap
1430 snack
1730 dinner
1830 porridge
1900 cup of milk

Don't underestimate how much food they need at this age.
No problem with two lots of milk at bedtime but I would try to brush her teeth afterwards.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 16-Jul-15 08:01:40

What does she eat and drink in a typical day?

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