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Six year old not sleeping - but feel like it is just one of my problems - feeling like a bad bad mum

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ShakespearesSister01 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:36:35

DD1 is 6.5 years old, she's never been the best at going to sleep and we've ended up some mornings (early) having her in bed with us. Since DD2 arrived 2 years ago we've not really progressedf, we stay in the room until she's asleep and tonight she just refuses to go to sleep. On top of things - and I feel terrible writing this - her report showed her phonics isn't #'up to standard'. She's a bright little girl but hates being put on the spot. Once asleep she does tend to stay asleep most nights. Oh and I've just gone back to work full time - from home - and I'm feeling guilty about leaving the baby with a childminder. What can we do about this, I've thought about paying someone to come and help us.

FATEdestiny Fri 17-Jul-15 21:51:36

What about a reward chart? Stickers and bribery works well at this age.

Starlightbright1 Fri 17-Jul-15 22:01:52

firstly..You sound like you feel guilty about everything.. split them up.. The phonics..You can help over the hols.. there are lots of songs on you tube.. Books that focus on phonics.. this does not make you a bad mother. You have a child who finds phonics difficult..My DS struggles with handwriting.

The baby will be settled with the childminder. I can say as a childminder. The children do settle with me, come for cuddles however they all know who mummy is.

Sleep ..I think you are going to have to get tough ..I did the moving chair with my DS which means moving father away till you are out of the room. If you want to do it the gentle way. The return to bed technique which means each time she comes out return her to bed the first time you tell her it is bedtime and goodnight, second time the same but goodnight, the third time return to bed no contact.

You could have a conversation now you are a big girl we are going to do things differently.. put an audio book on for her?

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