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Pick up put down experience anyone?

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lozzy1982 Wed 08-Jul-15 11:50:21

Hi mums, so my ds is 4 months on sunday and starting to think about the pick up put down method for his daytime naps and of a nighttime. We currently feed to sleep most of the time with ds falling asleep on us. Has worked for a while, but now he is getting older this isnt as effective. Anyone have any experience or tips? Im feeling quite nervous of starting as i know he isnt going to respond well at first, he also suffers from reflux, so i cant really put down straight after feed, has to be twenty minutes after, in which case he is often asleep already. Will this hinder me? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, am getting myself all worked up thinking about it!

Bearcubmumma Wed 08-Jul-15 13:34:16

Don't have any advice as such, just want to say don't put too much pressure on yourself with sleep, he is still so young and I don't believe you can make bad habits, there are still so many changes that can effect there sleep that sometimes things work sometimes they don't, not to mention 4 month regression, my son is also 4 months, he used to sleep great but now I have to rock to sleep during the day again which I don't mind, at night we do bottle down stairs, 20mins or so in swing until eyes are being rubbed, upstairs to lay in the cot, were I ssshhhh stroke head etc until he is asleep, sometimes takes 30 mins or so.
I might be making a rod for my own back but I love being able to sooth him and knowing he is reassured, he then sleeps pretty well.
Can you try feeding him in a swing or bouncer so he doesn't fall asleep on you?

lozzy1982 Wed 08-Jul-15 14:56:26

Thanks for your reply!! I suppose
I could. We have just bought one of them jumperoos so gonna try that soon. Hes not been in it yet. I am just reading the baby whisperer book and it all sounds so easy. Like yours, ds was doing ok sleep wise but last week or so has been awful. Im currently parked up in a layby, since 2pm whilst he sleeps in the car. I dont want him on me after his feed, this is the only other way, or the pram, but the weather is crap. I think pupd is the right way to go im just terrified. Change is scary! Im worried i will literally take hours to get him to sleep with it and he will hate me!

Bearcubmumma Wed 08-Jul-15 21:46:22

Pupd would be for me as well, cannot stand the idea of controlled crying I know this isn't advices until they are 12 months anyway, but your right it is scary, my advice, if u decide to go for it, commit to it, it may take a good week before you see improvements. Let me know how you go, good luck smile

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