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7 week old restless all night- please help!

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WigglyWigglyWoo Tue 07-Jul-15 17:30:42

My baby is 7 weeks old and we are at our wits end with lack of sleep. He has never slept well since he was born.

For the first 3 weeks he would sleep for 1.5-2 hour stretches at night. Since then he has been incredibly restless all night. He sometimes sleeps well for the first half of the night, waking approx every 2 hours but sleeping soundly in between. The second half of the night is awful, and sometimes it is all night.

He is breastfed, and I feed him until he falls asleep, wind him, offer him more milk and then once he's finished I wind him again and cuddle him until he's asleep. He sleeps in a Next2me bedside crib. He settles for approx 10 mins and then thrashes his arms and legs around, grunts and strains and then starts crying. Sometimes all he needs is a hand on his chest or a finger to suck on (I've tried a dummy and he hates it), and he will fall asleep again, but 10 mins later the restlessness and grunting starts again. Often he has wind and needs taking out of the crib to be winded. He's then wide awake and takes ages to settle again.

He sleeps well in the day, although won't sleep flat on his back. I've bought a baby bouncer chair and he will sleep in that happily. Obviously I can't really have him sleeping in that in the night! Ive propped the head end of the crib up incase he is getting refux but its made no difference. Ive also tried swaddling (no help). He will sleep better on his side but quickly rolls onto his back and wakes up. The only way he will sleep soundly at night is to sleep in my bed next to me on his side but I really don't want to do this.

Does anyone have any advice?

FATEdestiny Tue 07-Jul-15 22:08:58

The restlessness sounds like hunger to me, he's likely to be more settled at that 'milk drunk very full tummy' point.

Have you tried a swaddle? That can have a calming effect on a restless baby.

I would also preserver with the dummy. It was cracking the dummy (which it took my DD 7 weeks of daily perseverance to 'get') that resolved all out sleep and crying issues. Especially if baby likes to breastfeed to sleep and suck your finger - evidently baby likes to suck for comfort and that's exactly what dummies are for.

Bouncers are great for daytime sleep, I am a massive fan. But you are right that they are not appropriate for daytime sleep. Have you tried raising one end of the cot slightly? (no so much that the baby slips down the cot, that can be dangerous)

MadAngryGnome Tue 07-Jul-15 22:40:06

No particular advice other than to say we're in the same position with a 9 week old. We gave in and he sleeps in the bed next to me, sometimes on his side, sometimes on his back. Given that he's breastfed and we make a safe space for him to sleep in I'm happy that the cosleeping risk is tiny and we all sleep much better this way but I understand not being keen too.

Other than that, if we do try putting ours down in his cot, we wait til he is in deep sleep, not REM, and sometimes he'll stay sleeping in it that way, although you probably do that already.

thanks for you, having such a tiny baby is hard work!

yorksliz Wed 08-Jul-15 17:03:43

If you had either a prolonged labour or a v quick one i.e. The baby was either stuck for a while or pushed out v forcefully then I would recommend cranial osteopathy. It completely transformed my daughter; she stopped grunting in her sleep and really relaxed. I had a long labour and the pressure she was subjected to meant that she didn't full relax after the birth so her head plates remained compressed which unknown to me meant her latch was poor and she was taking in too much air.Her pelvis hadn't fully rotated back to straight after the birth so she had to build up a lot of pressure to get wind out.The result was a windy, unsettled, grunty baby.Three sessions at the c.o. at approx £35 a time were worth every penny. Hope things improve for you smile smile

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