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Is the sleepyhead pillow worth the investment?

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Queazy Tue 07-Jul-15 07:10:58

Just that really! Thinking of buying it for upcoming dc to put in the crib (the mattress is so thin that came with it) but £100 is 3 x more than the secondhand crib!! Any users or people who have toyed with the idea themselves who could share their thoughts please? Thanks so much smile

Happilymarried155 Tue 07-Jul-15 08:38:10

We have a sleepyhead and my little ones loves it!! I would say that it's my best baby buy!! X

Pandapickle100 Tue 07-Jul-15 08:41:27

In my opinion yes, our 6 month old has been in hers since birth and we have just upgraded to the grand version as the deluxe is getting a little snug. As a newborn it provided a nice cosy safe cocoon for our winter baby and now she drops off to sleep the minute she is placed in it, she associates it with sleep and sleeps well. My friend has one and does not rate it as highly as we do as she only uses it occasionally, so the baby does not have the same sleep associations. I say go for it, but use it consistently for naps (we move ours around the house), tummy time (hang them over the bumper iykwim) and bedtime in their cot/basket/crib. Downside is the cover is really fiddly to get back on after washing and the spare covers are expensive. For us this was a must have product!

HeyMicky Tue 07-Jul-15 08:45:32

We have a cocoonababy for DD2, which works on a similar principle.

The difference in sleep between her and DD1 is remarkable, but who's to say she wouldn't have been a better sleeper anyway?

That said, do or use whatever necessary to maximise everyone's sleep

Queazy Tue 07-Jul-15 12:44:07

Thanks so much for your messages - your feedback is so helpful and think I'll bite the bullet and buy one smile Did you put it in a baby crib at night? I think it'll just about fit and then I can shift it to the cot after?

Thinking this will be good to stick in a travel cot too, as the mattresses can be a bit rubbish.

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