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27MO Sleep and everything!

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AmandaNov10 Mon 06-Jul-15 19:24:14

Hi everyone,

Not really sure where to begin but looking to get some thoughts on my DD2 (27mo) sleep pattern. She is in a 'big' bed and settled into this fairly well a couple of months ago. Usual bedtime routine, bath, story then we cuddle in for 5 minutes, kiss night night (she's still awake) and go, happy days!

BUT, recently everything is just a total nightmare! I'm wondering if she needs to drop her nap. She has a nap about 1 for about an hour/hour and a half, then bedtime routine starts about 6:45/7 and she should be asleep for 7:30. She is now crying (not real tears, tantrums and screaming) when you try to leave her. Nothing works, rapid return, cry it out nothing. She gets so angry and all you can do is lie with her. She's tired, rubbing her eyes, heavy eyes almost drifting off then she starts to wriggle, tap you (I'm
Pretending to be asleep) pulls my eyes open, it literally takes hours and leaves me shattered. DD1 is a great sleeper and I feel so bad she gets the worlds fastest story and lights out whilst in cosy in bed with her sister for hours!

So, sounds simple right, drop the nap. Problem is she winges, crys moans all day long. She is such a demanding child who wants to either be entertained all day or be eating biscuits!! And it's tantrums if not, she cries to get carried around the house and is generally very draining which makes me think, no she's shattered she must need the nap?

Really don't know what to do and wondering to be honest if I can face a whole day with no nap, especially on the summer holidays!!!! confusedconfused

FATEdestiny Tue 07-Jul-15 22:17:07

I would be inclined to say drop the lunchtime nap but another option is the opposite - that she is over tired and not getting enough sleep and needs more, not less.

purplesnail Sat 11-Jul-15 21:10:07

Maybe try a short 30 minutes nap for a few weeks before dropping it completely.
I think it ususlly takes about 2 weeks for them to settle into a new nap routine so if you do decide to drop it altogether after 2 weeks she should cope better without the nap
I have a 24 month old ds and he still naps most of the time, hes usually ok without one if he refuses it and it makes bedtime so much quicker. On a nap day it takes a long time and he doesnt want to be left alone, i have also tried everything as I dont want to sit in with him for so long, only option left is to cut the nap but I dont want to yet.

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