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8 month old will only sleep in our bed

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Aussiegirl123 Mon 06-Jul-15 13:25:59

As the subject matter says our DS will only sleep in our be h at night and for naps. We started co sleeping out of desperation. I am due to return to work shortly and I would really love to get him into his cot, in his own room. Also, naps are going to be a disaster when he goes to the c.m. I realise its all my fault for continuing cosleeping for so long. Also he wakes between 5 am and 6am for day and we are exhausted.

Any advise?

FATEdestiny Mon 06-Jul-15 16:15:56

Do bedtime routine, put him in his cot and get yourself comfy next to his cot (sat on a chair, blankets, cushions, phone etc). Keep on lying him down and settling him, shushing, patting him, saying nan night, telling him you love him and you are there, reassuring him of your presence - but avoid picking him up at all costs. Stay until he is (eventually) asleep and then tiptoe out.

It might take a long, long time for the first few nights. Do the same for naps and bedtime and night wakings.

As time progresses you should need less settling him and while he may like to know you are around at bedtime, you should be able to gradually distance yourself so that he learns to go to sleep on his own.

Also make sure he has a comforter toy of some kind to snuggle up to. Something that smells of you (your unwashed pillow case, for example?) might help him to feel comforted and reassured in his cot.

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