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Ditch the dummy or not?

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gemsie23 Thu 02-Jul-15 12:34:57

My dd is 5 months and last night she woke in the night for no known reason, maybe heat? She wasn't upset just unsettled and restless. She has a dummy to get off to sleep then drops it out after not long. Nap times she rarely needs it put back in after the first time but at bedtime it's 30-45 minutes of dummy back in before finally asleep enough to not need it back. In the night it was an hour and 3/4. Has anyone got experience of this and should we have a few nights of hell to hopefully cute this problem and shd will be able to settle herself or at least quicker if we have to go to her?

Missingcaffeine Mon 06-Jul-15 23:46:01

I don't really have experience of this, but my baby has a dummy and is 9 months and a little bit of me wishes I got rid of it back when he was younger - as it has got harder and harder to contemplate getting rid of it as he has become more aware.
I didn't really have your problem of waking to re-insert the dummy though - which may have pushed us to be braver and get rid of it earlier (possibly?!). We have a dummy attached to a small cuddly toy which means he can find it easily - which is something you could consider if you don't feel able to get rid of it.

Chocolateteapots Tue 07-Jul-15 14:31:49

I'd say stick with the dummy as its a very good way to settle a baby. If you ditch it then you may well find baby still wakes and then you've lost your tool to get her back to sleep quickly! My LO is almost a year old now and we put loads of dummy's round the edge of his cot so he can easily find one if he needs it in the night. He probably started to find his own dummy around 9 months old.

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