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8 week old and timing of night wakings, any way to change?

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dependentspouse Wed 01-Jul-15 13:12:25

DD2 is EBF, feeds on demand really well during the day (within the limits of having a busy toddler around), tends to have about 4 naps a day (8.30, 11, 2 and 4), and settles for the night around 9 after a bit of cluster feeding. She has been waking like clockwork about 1am and 4am and appears hungry. When she wakes for the day around 7 she isn't all that interested in milk. I try to go to bed shortly after her but wake up when DH gets up at 6 so am feeling increasingly shattered....

I haven't started a bedtime routine yet. I have tried waking her / dream feeding at 11pm and she fed well, but still woke at 1 hmm.

She self settles for all naps and at night if I haven't left her awake for too long (usually about an hour / hour fifteen minutes). Naps in cot / pushchair / sling depending on what the toddler is up to!

I'm so tired I've lost perspective! Should I be trying to push her awake times out? Or start a bedtime routine and get her settling earlier? Or settling her at night without feeding - haven't done this so far as worried about waking the toddler up. Appreciate any words of wisdom! smile

jwpetal Wed 01-Jul-15 22:10:16

She is still very young and doesn't know the difference between day and night. This waking at night is even harder for you as you have a toddler. With the 1st you can rest but the 2nd on wards it is near impossible. You can check her temperature to make sure she is not too hot. She could be thirsty and nothing will fix that but a feed. Check for noises? or maybe it is her just developing. It is hard to say.

sorry no magic fixes, but time. Perhaps try to time naps with the toddler?

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