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Problems sleeping round Daddies house

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MrzDoubtfire Sat 27-Jun-15 19:38:21


Firstly, I know this is Mums net, but I'm a single Father wanting to seek advise to help my 3.5yr old daughter sleeping well.

My partner and I split up shortly after our daughter was born and she moved in with another guy that was a 6hour round trip, so although I went to see her every weekend We never pushed the sleep over thing as it was just too much travel and she seemed settled enough.

They have recently split up and now only lives an hour away from home or 5minutes from my parents house. We are now keen to encourage her to stay round at the weekends and it seemed logical to set a room up with all her toys and decorate it with a pink princess theme, which she shoots up to when she arrives and plays in all the time.

We have tried 3 times to encourage her to sleep over over the last 6 months and although she settles into bed OK, it gets to around midnight wakes up crying and asks to be taken back to mummies house.

It's a little heartbreaking and don't want to upset her or force her to do something that seems to be making her scared, so as its only 5minutes away, I do so....

Any tips girls?

Mrz Doubtfire ;-)

FATEdestiny Sat 27-Jun-15 22:49:17

I think it is the simple fact that it is a room that she's not slept in before, in a house she's not slept in before and so doesn't feel all that secure yet. Give her some time to get used to your house and her room, and it should get better.

How would you feel about sleeping with your daughter? Either in your room or in hers. She might feel more secure this way.

Needsweetstosurvive Sun 28-Jun-15 08:40:17

Or depending on your relationship with your ex, she could stay over for a few nights to start with so she can help comfort her?

MrzDoubtfire Sun 28-Jun-15 18:13:26

Thanks guys, all worthy advice. Think I will get my ex round for a bit....


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