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Whit noise machine for toddlers??

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brixtononmymind Wed 24-Jun-15 10:21:51

Hello! My nearly 2-year-old has been waking up in the 4s and early 5s - 4.15 this morning! It's driving me to despair. He's in a dark room and, in any case, is pretty able to sleep in light - he naps in a light room. My latest theory is that it may be the birds or when planes start flying overhead that are waking him. I'm thinking of trying a white noise app. Anyone had any success with this? Or general tips for getting a little one to sleep later. I've tried the following: ignoring him (pointless as he keeps me awake anyway and also often wakes his sister), giving him a bottle in bed then leaving (buys me about 5 mins silence but he doesn't go back to sleep), limiting nap times and trying to keep him awake later. Nothing seems to work. Also, he often poos as soon as he wakes so I end up having to change his nappy which wake both of us up completely. I haven't tried wake to sleep yet. Anyway, thoughts on white noise? Thanks!

beckiebee04 Wed 24-Jun-15 19:38:05

I'm in exactly the same boat with my 1 year old, I used a white noise app on my phone when she was tiny n it worked, if you've got a smart phone download the app and try it before going buying a machine

KW89 Fri 03-Jul-15 22:33:51

We copied hoover sounds to a CD and played it on repeat on an old CD player, seemed to work! Once he had been sleeping through for a while we gradually decreased the volume until he was sleeping without it smile

FATEdestiny Sat 04-Jul-15 15:15:10

What about a bedside fan?

Serves several purposes, the first is white noise. The second is that it is cooing. The third that air circulation is relaxing on the skin (like a breeze).

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