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:-( Bedtime angst - please help me!

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westlondoner82 Tue 23-Jun-15 19:57:10

I am new to mumsnet, and have registered in the hope of hopefully getting some help/support.
My baby girl is 14 weeks tomorrow and generally settles beautifully for naps during the day. The issue comes at night when I try to settle her for bed. She's well rested throughout the day, has her bath at 6pm, then her feed in a quiet dark room. As we approach the end of the feed she starts to get agitated and upset as if she knows it's bedtime.
This turns into full on crying and screaming when we put her down, this evening I tried to settle her in her cot (rather than picking her up and rocking/feeding her to sleep) and she went totally nuclear and is inconsolable which left us both in tears. DH is currently trying to settle her as I am not dealing with it well.
This has been consistently happening since we tried to establish a bedtime routine but I feel like I have now totally reached the end of my tether.
ANY help or advice gratefully appreciated. Can I contact anyone/any organisation for support? I am really worried about the negative associations she has with bedtime and this escalating further :-(

FATEdestiny Thu 25-Jun-15 12:08:53

At 14 weeks old babies often clusterfeed during the early evening. It might be that she wants to continue feeding in smaller mounts for a while longer, rather than going to sleep.

Babies are meant to stay in the same room as you at all times until 6 months old (see Lullaby Trust website). This means staying downstairs with you until you go to bed.

I have not established a bedtime routine with mine until older. 14 weeks is still very young and only just out of the newborn phase.

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