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Ditch the dummy- take 2??

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Hevava Mon 22-Jun-15 20:13:08

Hi everyone,

My DD is 8 and a half months old and a couple of weeks ago we decided to put her dummies away. No horrific tales of having to put it back in for her 10 times a night but she was becoming very dependent on it and we wanted her to learn to self soothe and go to sleep without it.

We had a few difficult days but succeeded in getting her to go to sleep without a dummy. Then came the early-morning waking....any time between half 4 and 6 every day for a week. We couldn't hack the controlled crying at that time of day and just got her up (not ideal!). And nap times were significantly shorter too.

At the end of last week she came down with a cold and we had a horrible night with screaming that went on all evening until 1am when my husband took her out for a drive and she finally went off. Without doing controlled crying (which I won't do when she's poorly) and without offering her a dummy we didn't know what to do....cuddling and shush-pat did nothing. The following night we gave her the dummy in order to reclaim some sleep and return from the land-of-the-living-dead.

She's had the dummy on and off since then although she's just about over her cold now. She can settle fine without it but often can't resettle when she wakes up again.

I'm tempted to give the dummy back to her....more sleep and more comfort for her (she's a very sucky baby) but wonder whether I'm giving in too soon and I feel like a bit of a plonker after crowing on facebook about how we'd conquered sleep training!

Should I persist for longer in the hope that naps will go back to normal and the early-morning waking was just a phase?

I know no one can give me the answer but I was just looking for some words of advice!

Chocolateteapots Tue 23-Jun-15 09:30:52

I'd keep the dummy if I were you, it doesn't sound like it's causing you a problem. A dummy is a great comfort for a baby and they do usually give them up easily when they're a bit older. I was reluctant to give my pfb a dummy but I can honestly now say it was the best thing we did!

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