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17 month old awake at 4.30am - every morning ��

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emilymontoute Mon 22-Jun-15 09:31:16

We would be grateful for any advice!!!

Aww beautiful daughter has always been a troublesome sleeper but we were doing really well - got her into a toddler bed and were having a full nights sleep! But for the past 2-3 weeks its all changed and shes up like clockwork at 4.30am everymorning!

Shes always had a great bedtime routine of bath, pyjamas, cuddle on the sofa, milk then goes to bed, usually without a fuss. It was just staying asleep where we had trouble! She doesnt wake for milk in the night anymore (doesnt really want milk at all), nor does she lose her dummy but come 4.30am shes out of bed - crying n wanting to start the day.

We've blacked out the windows, so its not a day light thing. And shes not in pain - teething has subsided at this very moment. She has always been a grazer - small meals thoughout the day so she coukd be hungry, but I dont want to get her used to eating at 4.30am incase it last forever lol. My husband n I have taken it in turns to get into her bed(so uncomfortable squeezing into a cotbed with her stretched out!) Give her a drink of squash and cuddle her for an hour until shes asleep before returning to our own bed for half hour before the alarm clock goes off! Shes then ratty from 8/9am and fights napping ALL day unless we're out and she falls alseep in the buggy!

Its not working - cant go on like this! We're both so tired n are too exhausted to enjoy anytime together when shes asleep. And its getting to the point where Im too tired to keep her busy with groups and outings on my days off work because Im recovering from the night before with numerous cups of tea and coffee before I can function.

Any pointers to try out would be greatly appreciated

Emily x

DuchessOfWeaseltown Mon 22-Jun-15 20:01:03

OP I wish I had advice but I don't - this happened with our DD at roughly that age and (sorry...) only stopped about 3 months ago when she was just 2... we tried everything like you have and nothing really helped, she just seemed to be wired that way. And I don't know what suddenly flipped the switch in her that made her stop doing it either!!!! If I knew I would bottle it and sell it because I think it would make me very rich.

These days she generally wakes about 6.15 which I know sounds hellish to some people but is honestly bliss compared to the 4.30 or 5 (latest) starts.

I'm so so sorry I can't be more helpful and I know it's not REMOTELY cheering for me to tell you just to stick it out and it will change... those early starts are just so hideous, I am phobic about ever returning to those days sad I am so sorry you're suffering and maybe someone will come on to tell you a method that worked for them???

Oh the only thing I didn't try that maybe I could have tried was wake-to-sleep... I think some MNers have had success with it but it takes bravery.

flowers for you

emilymontoute Mon 22-Jun-15 20:53:53

Thank you for your words, its nice to know others go through or have been through the same - so sick of hearing others mums say 'oh he/she sleeps all the way through' when im feeling sleep deprived and sorry for myself lol.

My husband says the same - it will get easier and she'll sleep when shes ready. Ive tried putting her to bed earlier as someone in another post suggested but i have a feeling it will back fire so will prepare for an early start tomorrow lol.

Am tempted to try the wake to sleep method, im a horrible person without enough sleep and wont be happy til ive at least tried everything suggested.

Thank you again xxx

Woobeedoo Fri 26-Jun-15 13:05:05

There is an 18mth sleep regression which can arrive before the 18mth mark. It is a killer! My DS only started sleeping through at 14mths but now he will wake around 04:40, he'll conk out about 5hours later and nap happily for two hours but his bedtime (7pm) results in him screaming blue murder and clinging to me when he feels I'm about to lower him into his cot. We are keeping the same bedtime routine so there is some sense of normal.

I have no tips but if your DD is going through this sleep regression (it is stated to be the worst of the lot, great!) it takes about 6weeks for it to pass.

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