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Help! 11 month old naps

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teaandkittens Sat 20-Jun-15 20:22:28

My 11 month old has recently started sleeping through the night (it's been a long hard journey!) and will fall asleep herself after a bit of cryingin her cot and sleep from 730ish until 8am.

This is a massive change from frequent night wakings, needing us to sit by the cot until she fell asleep, getting up for the day at 530am and is obviously better for us all...apart from one thing, the naps!

She is just refusing to nap! Yesterday it took an hour and a half of jiggling in pram to get her to sleep. And she then only slept for 25 minutes. Morning nap was similar. Today was just as bad- put her in the cot- she screamed for 20 minutes so I got her out and she fell asleep an hour later in the car for 20 minutes.

Before the change in sleep, she was napping twice a day at 9ish and 2.30ish for at least an hour each time. Not in the cot usually- sling or pram.

What do I do? Wake her earlier so her naps go back to normal? Completely change our routine? Go for 1 long nap? I can't take the daily battles.

Thanks and sorry this is a bit disjointed- I'm not sure I've explained it very well!

FATEdestiny Sat 20-Jun-15 21:16:41

The transition to one lunchtime nap happens somewhere around 12 months old so I would try to keep her awake in the mornings (parent and toddler groups come into their own at this age for this very reason) and skip the morning nap altogether.

Aim for a nap at 1pm ish, but initially it might be more like 11.30am and you gradually push it back. This may mean moving around lunchtime to accommodate.

teaandkittens Sun 21-Jun-15 19:35:02

Tried keeping her awake til just before lunchtime today but she was a wreck by 10am (woke up at 8 so only 2 hours awake)

She screamed in the cot so took her out and DH got her to sleep on the sling. She slept for 45 minutes, then stayed awake til 430 before crashing out in car for another 45 minutes.

She is now asleep for the night in her cot. Fell asleep after 5 minutes of crying.

Any ideas?! Do I just get tough with the naps and leave her to cry it out? (She can obviously get herself to sleep as she does it at night) I feel uncomfortable with doing so but rocking/ slinging/ feeding to sleep just doesn't work anymore- well not for a good hour anyway.

And if she is refusing to sleep do I let her get up and play and try again later?

I am completely stumped by this one! blush

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