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Pre schooler waking early. Help!

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Misty9 Fri 19-Jun-15 05:56:21

Ds, 3.9, is consistently waking at 5am. Fine, if he would come snooze with us, but he has whiny tantrums and wakes us all, including his baby sister, dd 14 months.

We've tried gro clock, blackout blinds, getting angry, reward charts etc. He does go to bed at 6.30, but later bedtime makes no difference and he's a wreck by 6. This is affecting all of us and he doesn't nap so 3 onwards is a nightmare every day. Dd isn't a great napper so isn't getting enough sleep, and I have a sleeping disorder so need more than I'm getting!


GinGinGin Fri 19-Jun-15 06:10:09

Hey, I'm in the same boat - Dd wakes between 5.10 and 5.30ish and has always been a very early riser (we've had 2.45 before now!).

6.30 is v early though - he's getting 10.5 hrs which is quite a lot for that age and that probably explains his early wake-up (he might also be hungry?). Has he got toys etc to entertain himself in his room?

wannabestressfree Fri 19-Jun-15 06:39:37

He might just be an Early riser in the summer. Ds3 is 11 and still wakes between 5.30-6.3o even at the weekends!

TwiggyHeart Fri 19-Jun-15 06:46:55

OP I could have written your DD is a nightmare by 4pm and was begging to go to bed by 4:30pm. I don't mind the early wake up but the afternoon behaviour is so awful it's making me miserable, anyway as of this morning we have put the stair gate back on her room and made it crystal clear that it will not be opened until the gro clock shows 6:30am. She threw a massive strop this morning (waking her sister in the process) but I hope that she will get the message that it's actually not worth getting up as she won't be doing anything more than sitting in her room...

Misty9 Fri 19-Jun-15 22:28:45

gin we think he might be hungry actually, so this evening he had a pre bedtime bowl of cereal. We shall see if it makes a difference!

wannabe 11?! Dear god. Does he at least let the rest of you sleep?

twiggy after yet another hideous start to the day we've decided to go with it a bit and whisk him downstairs to avoid waking dd, and one of us can at least get more sleep. Thankfully dh copes much better in the morning than me! We considered the repeated returning to bed, but he can throw one hell of a tantrum - and we have neighbours!

Misty9 Sat 20-Jun-15 06:23:31

Argh! Ds woke at 4.10 and came into our bed, then snoozed until 5.50. Which is fine. The bloody baby woke at 5.10. Thanks dd. I think she might be too used to waking then thanks to ds.

Also, despite sleeping longer and not starting the day with being shouted at, ds is still in a whiny tantrums frustration mood! I'm going back to bed.

TwiggyHeart Sat 20-Jun-15 06:42:45

Misty - we tried again this morning, a bit of a tantrum but not as much fuss as yesterday. We don't tell her that we want her to go back to bed we tell her that is a 'rule', as in it is a fact and we all have to abide by it. It's a small change but in strong willed ones I find it makes them
A bit less rebellious.....good luck

Ledkr Sat 20-Jun-15 06:43:52

Dd is just 4 and we have had 4 yrs of this.
All exhausted and desperate, we have startrd to leave the iPad and a snack in her room wgen we go to bed and now she doesn't disturb Us until 7-8 it's bliss.

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