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5 month old strange bedtime behavior

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Katekoom Wed 17-Jun-15 19:36:37


My 5 month old would normally go to sleep bfing and has done for the last 5 months until recently.

For the last 3 nights she's been dropping off - pretty much asleep, and then it's as if she realises she's going to sleep and she goes bonkers. Screaming, crying etc. We've had to drive her around to get her to go off which we've never had to do before!

Tonight she was asleep in my arms ,laid her down and she starts screaming (not unusual on occasion) but she then refuses boob and just gets really upset.

She is going through a leap so I'm wondering if this is associated? But why 's she doing it, does she know I'm leaving her? She's not showing other signs of attachment issues.

I suppose I'm just wondering if you've experienced this and wether it went away ?!

MyFirstFire Wed 17-Jun-15 19:39:39

My dd has been doing this a bit recently and we think it's to do with teething. We are resorting to calpol at bedtime as a short term solution but probably not ideal to be dosing her up on calpol every night confused

MyFirstFire Wed 17-Jun-15 19:39:59

Sorry should have said dd is 5m too

Katekoom Wed 17-Jun-15 20:21:55

I thought possibly teething, but she's not been all that dribbly this week. She has been very fussy though, wanting to be held a lot. I think it must be related to her growth spurt, poor little bean.

barmybunting Thu 18-Jun-15 13:47:05

My DD started doing this around 4/5 months. If we did get her down
without it happening, she then woke screaming about 45 mins later. We moved bedtime slightly earlier in desperation to try something and she was a lot calmer, she refuses to feed to sleep since then and now goes into her cot awake so bedtime is that bit earlier so she is asleep by 7.00 in theory. It lasted about 3 weeks or so.

ApplesTheHare Thu 18-Jun-15 14:52:20

I noticed this with DD at around the same age. We always used to feed to sleep no probs but it just seemed to stop having the same effect as she got older and more generally 'awake'. We found the answer was to start teaching her to self settle when put in cot awake. Easiest to start with daytime naps as you're more alert and patient smile

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