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3 month old screaming in his sleep

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Ohfourfoxache Tue 09-Jun-15 23:15:15

We've had a couple of episodes in the last 2 weeks where ds has just screamed and screamed in his sleep. This is despite being fed, burped, his nappy is dry/clean - he seems perfectly content even just before screaming. Nothing DH or I do can comfort him, although I did manage to get him latched on for the first time during one of these today and he did settle.

Does anyone know what on earth this could be? Just for context, he has started chewing his fist all the time (even when he's stuffed) and he's dribbling so I suspect teeth may well be on their way. He's not a whingey baby at all and he never cries unless there is a reason iyswim.

Any suggestions?

dramadama Wed 10-Jun-15 00:32:51

We had exactly the same thing around 3 months. It was totally out of character for DD. She cried even with Calpol and Nurofen. Looking back it was almost definitely her teeth. Maybe the first time they start teething it's worse? She's never been like it since. Hope it passes soon. x

Ohfourfoxache Wed 10-Jun-15 01:26:54

That's exactly it drama - completely out of character. How long did it last for/how soon did it pass with your dd?

I've spoken to friends about the whole teething thing and apparently the first ones take ages to come through (2 months was mentioned) sad

dramadama Wed 10-Jun-15 18:39:18

Just two nights for us. After that she had pain from teething but was nothing like as upset.

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