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Sleep Lady Shuffle: Any expeiences

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rosiegal Tue 09-Jun-15 22:04:10

So I have the book and I'm on night 2 and wondered if anyone else can share their experience? DS is 8 months and I've really been reluctant to do any form of sleep training before but sleep deprivation is getting the better of me. I thought this might be a 'gentler' way of doing things but after 2 nights I'm just not sure because there's been a lot of wailing. It's killing me because I've always felt I couldn't do CIO or CC. He still BF a few times a night but for now I'm concentrating on him getting himself to sleep rather than being fed/rocked.
So my question is... will it get better? will the crying reduce? Is it worth it?

jessplussomeonenew Wed 10-Jun-15 07:42:04

I've read about it but not tried it as it didn't sound gentle to me. If you want gentle sleep tips try the no-cry sleep solution or Sarah ockwell-smith's good sleep guide - they do work though they are slower because they go at the baby's own pace rather than a day by day schedule and don't rely on the baby giving up on getting the comfort they want.

FATEdestiny Wed 10-Jun-15 11:25:22

Can I ask what is the basics of the Sleep Lady Shuffle?

I've never heard of it before.

rosiegal Wed 10-Jun-15 21:19:15

We're on night 3 and things are improving although he's still waking every 2 hours. jessplus I've heard about the no cry but not the other one so I will look into it thanks. I have actually adapted the book a bit to suit my DS and while there were still some tears tonight we seem to be moving in the right direction.
fate it's sort of a gradual retreat, you spend 3 nights at the side of the cot while baby falls asleep and gradually over 2 weeks move further away until eventually you're out of the room. The first night DS just stood in the cot shouting at me. You can shush and pat them a bit but not too much as the idea is they learn to fall asleep on their own.

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