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Day time naps

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Bells1980 Tue 09-Jun-15 08:40:42

My ds is 5.5 months old and has a good bedtime routine after a little persistence he settles himself on a night.

During the day is totally different, he will only sleep if rocked to sleep and held! I tried to put him in his it for a I nap but he screamed for just over an hour then slept for 10 mins before waking up!

I've just bought an Ewan to see if he helps , any other suggestions?

FATEdestiny Tue 09-Jun-15 13:03:46

A dummy and comfort blanket/toy may help?

He might be over-tired when you are putting to sleep in the daytime. Difficulty getting to sleep and then staying asleep are often symptoms of being over-tired. Could you try more frequent naps or lengthening naps?

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