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11 week old is killing me with early wake up! Help!!'

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lozzy1982 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:48:55

Hiya! So my ds 11 weeks is in an ok routine. Bath, massage, feed, book, bed. He has his feed at approz 8pm but he has reflux, so by the time we have settles him and held him upright as we should for 20 minutes he is actually being put into moses by 9pm and generally is fast asleep. Wakes then anytimr between 1-3am. It really does vary.

This isnt a problem as i know he needs a nightfeed, but once he wakes, nappy changed, fed again, after that he will just not go back on his moses. He may, for like an hr at most, but then starts grunting, getting more and more restless till eventually he cries out. So we end up doing a shift between us, holding him while he falls fast to sleep again until 7am when we get up and make a fuss of him to say daytime!
Its killing us and dont know what to do. Any ideas?

FATEdestiny Sun 07-Jun-15 22:24:09

Why are you nappy changing in the night? Only need to change his nappy if he has pooed. Try keeping night time feeds as quite and low-key as possible. Get to him ASAP when he wakes and feed straight away so that he is disturbed as little as possible and hopefully go back to sleep afterwards.

Have you tried swaddling?

Have you tried a dummy?

Have you tried feeding again when baby wakes after an hour?

ColdCottage Sun 07-Jun-15 22:58:27

Agree, only change his nappy if he has done a poo.
Might be feeling less supported in his Moses basket. Perhaps move into a more stable cot, or the sent to keep me sane - magic bedside cot - no need to get out of bed if you are BFing (keep a box at the bottom of the cot which means their head is at the top but they can't wiggle down due to the box, keep nappies, wipes and portable change mat in box for emergency night time poos).

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