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When to allow feed on demand newborn sleep through

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Racheyg Sun 07-Jun-15 13:27:40

My ds2 is 10 days old and I am bf on demand. The past few nights he has slept past the recommended 4hrs without a feed. I wake him with a nappy change and feed him again.

My question is when do I allow him to sleep through? My ds1 is only 22 months and always woke for a feed every 3/4 hrs until 3-4 months when he slept through so this is all new to me. X

dragonfly007 Sun 07-Jun-15 13:36:41

If he is back to birth weight, feeding well otherwise, doing 8+ nappies in 24 hours I would leave 5 hours to see if he stirs. Congratulations star

FATEdestiny Sun 07-Jun-15 14:14:46

The main question is if the baby is gaining weight well. If yes, then let baby sleep as much as he wants to.

However I would be weary of long stretches of time between feeds at this very young age if:

- not back to birth weight
- weight gain is not maintaining centiles
- if baby was premature
- If baby has any other health issues

Racheyg Sun 07-Jun-15 14:43:29

Thanks for your quick replies.

He lost 10% of his birth weight but was a big baby (10lb)

I change his nappy at least 12 times as He poos after every feed, then I feed him again as he is always hungry afterwards.

He cluster feeds in the evening and his last feed is around midnight then goes to sleep for the long stretch (would easily sleep longer than the 4 hrs)

I will continue waking until he is back to his birth weight. X

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