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Bedtime = playtime, so frustrating

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Cwodavids Fri 05-Jun-15 20:32:35

My 20 month old son refuses to go to sleep when we take him to bed at night; he just wants to play!

He has always had issues with settling to sleep, as soon as he starting crawling at about 8 months he crawled around the bed and would take anything up to an hour to fall over. As soon as he could walk at 9 months, he started walking around the bed. When he started to talk, guess what? He started gibbering away and practicing his words. He always does something... Other than sleep!

We have always had a routine that we have stuck by, we have changed it a couple of times to see if it will help; it hasn't made the slightest difference. The frustrating thing is that he has never screamed, cried, fussed or moaned about going to bed. He will happily give me or Mum a kiss before trotting upstairs to his bed!

Just to throw a spanner in the works, his afternoon nap has no such drama, normally he takes around 10 mins to fall asleep!

It is now at the point that we are both being driven nuts by his antics; an hour is just far too long.

He doesnt watch any TV, drink caffeine, no sugar at all and is showered and then fed before bedtime. When he is in bed he will cuddle into my arm or my wife's boobs/arm.

We have tried most things to if it changes anything. At the minute we try to limit his playtime 1 hour before bed. We then shower, feed, potty then bed. He never protests, just gets hyper once in bed.

We have no choice in us being tired as we have nobody else who can help, but to be honest I haven't noticed a difference in his behaviour when one of us is less tired. We went through a stage of me always putting him to bed so my wife could get some respite. We now alternate as we thought maybe it was something I was doing, but no change.

Co-sleeping is not an option anymore as he thrashes far too much and we end up with less sleep. It worked for about the first 6 months. Most nights one of us ends up sleeping with him anyway (he sleeps in his own double bed) once he wakens (see my other posts) and it doesnt help him stay awake although he generally settles quickly.

I have ordered No-cry Sleep Solution and already have Baby and Toddler Calm.

We are willing to try anything thats AP friendly as we cannot go on like this as our married is pretty much in name only just now as we just manage to function enough to tend to our son and then sleep!

Oh to have a full nights sleep and some Mummy & Daddy time... ��

Does anybody have ANY ideas on how to get around this?

FATEdestiny Fri 05-Jun-15 21:58:11

I've just answered your other thread:

If he goes to sleep easily at lunchtime but not bedtime, he may be having too much sleep at lunchtime resulting in him not being tired enough to sleep at bedtime.

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