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How long to let toddler shout at nap time?

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weeblueberry Thu 04-Jun-15 11:57:28

DD1 is just two and has always gone down okay for naps. She knows she's tired and accepts it. Recently she's taken to sometimes standing in her cot at nap time and just shouting for us. She's not upset. Just shouting 'mummy!!' to get me to go through. Sometimes she doesn't shout but it's obvious she's awake. How long should I be leaving her to hope she goes to sleep? Normally she does but I wondered whether there's a cut off for 'if she's not asleep now she probably won't nap'?

FATEdestiny Thu 04-Jun-15 18:47:20

I can't say I would define a cut-off specific time for 'messing around' at nap time. I would just say that you know your daughter best and you are the adult and the grown up. So if you think she'll manage without her nap, then don't insist on it. However if you feel she does need to go to sleep at lunchtime then it is OK for you to know better than your daughter and insist that she stops messing around and goes to sleep.

Two is early ish for dropping lunchtime nap but certainly not unheard of.

When we dropped lunchtime naps with my older children, there was always a transition time when we had 'quiet time' for a couple of hours each lunchtime, but I didn't insist they went to bed. So I might put a fall
m on for example, and toddler might fall asleep on the sofa sometimes, but other times wouldn't.

It might be that your DD is ready for stopping her regular nap and replacing it instead with quiet time for a while. You know your DD best though, so you get to decide if she needs a sleep or not.

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