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5 week old sleeping through?

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littlefrenchonion Thu 04-Jun-15 04:24:45

Hi all,

My DD, 5 weeks, has settled into a fairly consistent pattern. By 10pm she is nearly inconsolable for 2-3 hours (we start to feel like we are going mad!), finally dropping off if I can convince her to have a final feed. From there she can sleep through until 6-7am, perhaps with the odd grumble where I attempt to get her up and feed her but often fail as she is too sleepy to open her mouth. If I do manage to get some boob in her mouth the latch is often poor, she doesn't take much and my nipples are v. sore in the morning.

The HV seemed concerned and told me I should change her nappy/put on the lights or do whatever I can to wake her up to get her to take a decent feed.

IS it ok to leave her to sleep? Or should I wake her up?

She's following her percentile and feeds every 2 - 2.5 hours during the day. I've noticed this week she favours being awake and taking in her surroundings in lieu of sleep during the day.


westcountrywoman Thu 04-Jun-15 04:44:40

I think I'd leave her sleep too, to be honest. As long as when she's waking at 6/7am she's alert and looking to feed, rather than still being sleepy and disinterested, and her weight is good (i.e not one of the lower percentiles as smaller babies do need more regular feeds), then I can't see what the problem would be. Some babies do get all they need in the daytime at this ages. Nothing wrong with that!

ConnortheMonkey Thu 04-Jun-15 05:33:52

If she's been cluster feeding like mad before 10pm and otherwise is putting on weight well I'd leave her

CaramellaDeVille Thu 04-Jun-15 05:51:36

I'd leave her. My daughter was the same until we hit 12 weeks. Then she started waking every 2 hours or so for feeds.

FastForward2 Thu 04-Jun-15 06:18:43

I would feed on demand only. This pattern will not last, because ime no pattern ever does, enjoy it while it lasts.
If you want to adjust sleeping, rather than waking in night, maybe put her in dark cool room for more sleep during the day, then she may be more relaxed in evening.
I would avoid feeds where dc is not latched on if you can. I am no expert but being woken to be force fed does not sound great for either of you.
This is what I would do, HV probably used to formula babies, or concerned you are getting sore, assuming plenty of wet nappies and on the chart.

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