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dd(7) can't go to sleep even with blackout curtains

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superoz Wed 03-Jun-15 12:50:45

dd cannot get to sleep at night until it is completely dark. We have blackout curtains in her room but she says there is still a bit of light that comes in from the edges and underneath so she is not getting to sleep until beyond 9:30pm.
Because of this she's not waking up in the morning and I'm still trying to get her out of bed for school at 8:15am.
Anyone have any suggestions how I can get around this?

ChocolateIsMySleep Wed 03-Jun-15 13:04:55

velcro/sucker blackout blinds on the windows themselves? I'm in the same boat blackout curtains my arse and looking at a roller blind for one window and go anywhere blinds for another - I figure at least I'll be able to take those away on holiday!

superoz Fri 05-Jun-15 01:01:46

That's a good idea, I'll go and investigate. Definitely need something to cover the entire window pane and stop light escaping in.

lagirafe Fri 05-Jun-15 01:28:01

I'd say blackout roller blind in the recess and then the curtains on top so double whammy!
Never had this issue tho - is her bedtime routine suitably calm ish? Bath, book, bed etc? Would a run about for an hour at the park after school break her routine and knacker her out so she's zonked one night and can reset her body clock! She may just have gotten used to going to sleep later / waking up later......

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