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baby is asleep in bouncer

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RavioliOnToast Sun 31-May-15 02:12:47

DD2.(14.weeks) has fallen.asleep in her bouncer after hours of being cradled to.sleep upstairs, put down and crying again immediately. I aren't supposed to let.them sleep in bouncer as they can.suffocate but why I'm still awake. I've had 4 hours.sleep before.I brought her downstairs so I'm alright for now, but my question is wwyd? is there any way to get her to settle if not being cuddled? she won't co-sleep she just screams unless me/dh are.physically cuddling her sad.

RavioliOnToast Sun 31-May-15 02:15:07

forgot to say she's on gaviscon atm and need to take her fir referral to paediatrician as it's possible she has cmpi

KatoPotato Sun 31-May-15 02:16:02

How is she with swaddling? Makes the transfer from arms to bed easier sometimes?

You have my sympathy, I'm just about to attempt the dreaded transfer myself!!

KatoPotato Sun 31-May-15 02:17:11

Oh and I recommend the 'miracle blanket'

RavioliOnToast Sun 31-May-15 02:18:48

she doesn't like swaddling, she's got a grobag, and she's started to need something in her hands, even when awake, she isn't attached to anything in particular, like today she was holding a muslin, and now it's one of those blankets with the teddy sewn on, IYSWIM.

RavioliOnToast Sun 31-May-15 02:19:32

is that a swaddle? might have another try swaddling, see if she minds it now

trilbydoll Sun 31-May-15 02:24:06

Is her cot raised so she's at an angle, I guess ideally you need her to think she's still in the bouncer!

I used to rock dd and then lower myself carefully into bed, you have my sympathy too.

RavioliOnToast Sun 31-May-15 02:32:10

yes it is trilby, it's raised anyway because of her reflux. I've really got no idea, she was dead unsettled in her basket aswell.

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