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Need advice on sleep

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Bearcubmumma Sat 30-May-15 08:16:32

Hi ladies,
Just need some ideas on how I can get my 3 month old to have a restful sleep at night, he will have his last bottle at approx 9-10pm and usually wake between 2-3am which is fine, what I seem to have a problem with is I am up every hour it seems due to him tossing and turning, he is asleep but constantly moving, he has done this since birth really and I need to find a solution for both of us because he cannot be getting a good sleep doing it either.
I have tried swaddling, just loose snuggle blanket, less clothes, more clothes, feeding when he is waking, winding, I am running out of ideas and can only think to put him in his own room to see if that helps but I don't feel totally comfortable with it at such a young age.
Has anybody else been through this?

FATEdestiny Sat 30-May-15 11:28:12

Some babies do move around a lot in their sleep. Is he next to you in bed? Often something as simple as leaning across and placing a reassuring hand on baby's chest is all that is needed to sooth and comfort.

We have a bedside cot (three sided cot - normal cot with one side removed and butted up to the bed0 which means that this kind of reassuring touch can be done with me still lying in bed and with my eyes still closed (and mostly still asleep!).

A dummy also helps with soothing and settling sleep.

dairyfreequeen Sat 30-May-15 22:57:11

My ds is a very wriggly sleeper as am i! He hated being swaddled until we got a 'love to dream' swaddle from jojomamanbebe, it allows their hands beside their head but is zipped up. It was brilliant for stopping his startle reflex waking him but had to stop using it when he could roll. He still wiggles about but not the way of those early months!

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