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Need pearls of wisdom from experienced mums. 10 Week old sleep patten

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lozzy1982 Thu 28-May-15 19:47:29

Hi mums, so i have a 10 week old ds. We recently started putting him to bed of an eve upstairs in his moses, in our room with the angelcare on. Our routine is about 6.30 bath followed by some baby massage, book and bottle at 7. Weve been doing this for about 2 weeks now and seems to be workin. Ok, tho its hit and miss how long it takes from 7pm to get him to sleep. Sometimes i am downstairs by 7.30, other nights its been 9pm.
Despite what time ds eventually nods off, he has been waking between 11 and 1. Only one time he has slept till 2. We were amazed. When he wakes we feed him, changed nappy, and he goes back to asleep usually no problem. However, come about 3am we start to hear some really loud grunting, noises that sound like he is being sick but when we look he hasnt been (he has been diagnosed with reflux which we give him gaviscon and colief for). The noises are really horrible to hear and eventually he seems to wake himself up with them. Wierdly, when we pick him up and put hjm on our cheat he stops and nods off again. Has anyone else had these noises?
So, after this wake up, we feed again and from that point we are pretty much up. He slips between sleep and awake and wont go in his moses. Usually he has to sleep on us and might occasionaly go in his chair. As you can imagine those 3am wake ups after a few weeks are killing us now and i am walking round looking like a dead dog. Advice or reassaurance that this is normal really needed. You read so much on here and friends babies sleeping all through the night. I wonder when our break through may come? Thanks for reading!!

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