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Can anyone recommend a gentle sleep consultant?

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WhiteIcedCaramels Mon 25-May-15 22:00:27

I'm too tired and depressed to type out the whole sorry tale...has anyone used a gentle/no cry/no leaving to cry sleep consultant with successful results? I see Ann Caird mentioned a lot on MN but I understand she has a long waiting list.

Thank you...

lucidlady Tue 26-May-15 23:35:08

Try Andrea grace - we told her we didn't want to use CC so she came up with another plan.

tethersend Tue 26-May-15 23:38:56

Try Happy Sleepers

GoodToesBadToes Wed 27-May-15 07:27:11

Carol Grassick - amazing results and very gentle.

Ktay Wed 27-May-15 07:44:08

Millpond helped me through gradual retreat successfully when DD1 was 2yo. I think they would probably have pushed the CC had the gentle approach not worked though.

WhiteIcedCaramels Thu 28-May-15 06:41:35

Thanks very much everyone, I will look those up

BerniceBobsHerHair Thu 28-May-15 10:10:12

I have recently had contact with Ann Caird - and I didn't have to wait too long at all.

NanoNinja Thu 11-Jun-15 11:16:43

Sian Thomas at sleep babies was great with our two year old.

Queenofknickers Thu 11-Jun-15 11:34:55

Millpond were wonderful

Sunbeam18 Tue 23-Jun-15 13:21:33

Sian at Sleep Babies

EarthWindAnd9 Tue 23-Jun-15 13:30:58

I used Ann Caird at the end of last year and she was able to fit me in within a week. Well worth calling her to see what her availability is. She is fabulous.

scottygirl5 Tue 23-Jun-15 18:36:06

Ann Caird worth the wait, would have paid 10 times what we did for the miracles she performed!

BookTart Sun 28-Jun-15 19:52:29

Another vote for Ann Caird here. Well worth the wait, and easily the best money I've ever spent. We went from hourly waking/feeding and co-sleeping to sleeping right through in her own cot in her own room and it was (virtually) painless! Ann is lovely, and so, so patient.

scratchandsniff Sun 28-Jun-15 20:02:35

I'm just marking my place as we're getting to end of tether in this house. Want to show DH the suggestions.

MrTumblesSpottyBag Sun 28-Jun-15 20:04:06

Another vote for Ann! She is amazing! Worth the money and we didn't have to wait long at all. As others have said she is very kind and patient.

Artandco Sun 28-Jun-15 20:05:03

Simply Sleeptime

WhiteIcedCaramels Sun 28-Jun-15 22:23:47

Thank you everyone, you've made me really hopeful...we've booked a sleep consultant (one of your recommendations) and we are starting soon. Wish we'd done it months ago! Hopefully I will never need to lurk on this board again... grin

nini1406 Wed 12-Aug-15 21:00:53

Had any joy with a sleep consultant? Just come across this thread as I'm seriously considering getting in touch with a sleep consultant after a couple of months of hell with my 23 month old. Hope you had some luck smile

Sizzlesthedog Wed 12-Aug-15 21:05:40

Millpond are amazing. Went from 10 wakings per night to sleeping all night in 5 weeks.

Really kind people, all medical background. Caring supportive and bloody wonderful

No crying involved

nini1406 Thu 13-Aug-15 08:51:30

Thanks just had a look at their website looks good. If there isn't any improvement by the end of this weekend i'm going to give them a bell. we had a slight improvement last night of actually getting him to sleep it only took all of two hours but there was still the 3am wake up in hysterics and couldn't calm him unless one of us slept in his room with him. joy. going to be another lucozade day

Writerwannabe83 Thu 13-Aug-15 10:52:57

I used Nicola Watson from Child Sleep Solutions. She was really good.

BurningBriquette Thu 13-Aug-15 11:07:04

Nini - cakebrew. I have just come out the other side of long term sleep deprivation, on my knees by the end of it. Like you we wanted to solve Dd's erratic sleep as gently as possible. The following thread really helped along with the 'No cry sleep solution'.

nini1406 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:02:11

Thanks Burning will give that a read....just taken 2hrs again by which point I was passing out with hunger. Will give me something to read while I sulk in bed! Thanks again ��

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