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DD now 1 - sleep times

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Marvin6418 Tue 19-May-15 17:27:20

Now my DD has turned one shouldf I be changing her sleep patrerns. Currently she gets up between 6.30 and 7.30 and then has breakfast about 8. She will often go down for a sleep about 10 and sleep till about 12.

She has lunch at 1 and then stays up till her bottle and snack at 4 and then goes down for a sleep about 5 and sleeps till 7, gets up and has bottle at 8 and goes back to bed.

She currently sleeps all night but she will be starting nursery soon and they sleep in the afternoon. So would like to get her sleeping at thier times. However currently have DS to pick up from School at 3 so its hard to make changes.

Will she tell me or should I start making changes now?
Anyone gone through this recently?

FATEdestiny Wed 20-May-15 14:08:32

You need to allow enough time to change her routine to suit nursery (or ask nursery to allow for your routine at home?). Changes like this cannot realistically be done quickly, gradually is better.

I have a baby and older ones at school, so have a school run. My DD is younger though (7 months). She naps around 9.00-10.30am then 1.00-3.00pm.

My 12 months I would be trying to push the morning nap later (gradually) until it settled at around 12.30-2.30 (which also fits in with the school run).

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