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should I put dd (7 months) to bed at 4.30 today? WWYD?

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LetsPlayBamboozled Tue 19-May-15 14:33:13

Basically 2 days last week we had 2 long naps instead of 3. And the same the last 2 days only I messed up by thinking she could manage a longer awake time at the end f the day than she can. We've had 2 nights of lots of wakeups and early waking. Today she was raring to go at 5am and I'd been back and forth since 3am so we got up then. Cue short naps and cranky baby. Obviously I need to handle the transition from3 to 2 naps better but should I really put her to bed so early? Or try for a half hour nap?

Today went :
5am wake up
7am - 7.30am nap
11.30-1.50pm a longer nap after much wailing.

I used to go by 2.5hr awake time which would mean sleep due 4.20pm. Sometimes she can go a bit longer.

So 4.30pm -nap or bed? WWYD?


Floggingmolly Tue 19-May-15 14:35:38

What's the difference? If she wakes up, it was a nap; if she sleeps through, it was bedtime...

LetsPlayBamboozled Tue 19-May-15 14:48:21

Thanks hmm

ps With 3 naps usual bedtime would be 7-7.30pm and wake up 5.30-6am

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