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'Normal' for 7 month old not to sleep through?

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SolasEile Tue 19-May-15 02:02:38

What is 'normal' at 7 months old? I know it will vary widely depending on the baby but I am struggling with my DD's sleep right now. She is waking up a lot more at night and her sleep pattern is all over the place. She has never slept through the night really beyond a couple of freak occasions. I don't mind that so much but it's the nights when she is just awake and won't go back to sleep that I can't figure out.

She is in her own room now and settles fine in her crib as long as I feed / rock her to sleep. She does take a dummy. I just can't figure out if she's a terrible sleeper or if my perspective is skewed because my older DS was sleeping through at 6 months, usually 8pm-6am, apart from the occasional wake-up around midnight. She wakes up ALL the time and will never settle back to sleep without rocking and/or feeding. She is on solid foods now, about twice a day, but it has made no difference. I feel like I need to sleep train her but don't know how as I never had to with my DS. Also any time I have experimented with leaving her to cry / controlled crying, she has just screamed the house down. My DS could be put down awake at this age and would eventually go to sleep. If I put her down awake she just screams!

Buglife Tue 19-May-15 08:09:55

My 9 month old wakes for feeds 1-2 times a night and also needs settling if he really wakes up, he does occasionally have a little wakeup and go back to sleep alone judging by the monitor sounds. I don't know anyone myself who's 7 month olds have slept through at 7 months without training, but I do know it exists, babies are so different! Weaning made bugger all difference, in fact his sleep was worse the fist few weeks. I'm only just beginning to consider some kind of sleep training method but like yours, mine has a very loud scream! I might try water offered at night, shush pat. He's always been fine sleeping in his cot and goes down easily at bedtime, so he's not really a problem sleeper, more that the remaining wake ups don't show any signs of changing unless I try to do something. He does occasionally just have one wake at 2-3am which I could deal with for ages, it's the midnight and 3am and up at 6am that is hard, he was doing that when he was 3 months old! He's had a cold though so he's been up a lot recently. He might get there in the end, I'm in two minds really whether to ride it out or do something.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Tue 19-May-15 08:19:26

My son didn't sleep through until he was 13 months old. I felt cheated tbh as I thought most babies slept through from about 6 months BUT I think I was misguided!!
Is she getting enough food in the day? When I spoke to the HV about it, she thought he wasn't full enough. Just an idea. smile

FATEdestiny Tue 19-May-15 10:38:36

Lower your expectations and do all you can to cope with the level of sleep you are getting and make it as easy as possible on yourself.

I have four children:

DC1 - 12h Night weaned 2 1/2 years
DC2 - 12h Night weaned at 6 months, STTN without waking 9 months
DC3 - 12h Night weaned at 5 weeks, STTN without waking 8 weeks
DC4 - Currently 7 1/2 months and wakes at about 4am, has water. Occasionally a dummy re-insert needed. She is nearly night weaned and STTN, but not yet.

DD's sleep temporarily goes to pot every now and again and is often solved by increasing the amount she eats and drinks in the daytime.

NickyEds Tue 19-May-15 13:56:01

Is she rolling/crawling/pulling herself up yet? Ds slept through from 12 weeks to 6 months ish (we were very smug and happy about this!) then learned to roll, then crawl, then pull himself up and cruise over the course of a few weeks and just stopped sleeping. Up every 2 hours. For 5 months. In a way I can understand it, imagine if all of a sudden you could fly, it would keep you awake wouldn't it? That's how I chose to look at it anyway (as opposed to the little bugger was trying to kill us!!!!!)!
I just found ways to cope. Napped during the day if I could, got dp to take over if it was really bad, slept in at weekends, fed him to sleep, rocked him-whatever worked. At 8 months I did some sleep training to get him to nap in his cot to give me break during the day. We night weaned him at 11 months and did cc at 11.5 months and he's slept through since.
You have my sympathies but I don't think it's unusual for a 7 month so I'd go with "ways to cope" if I were you.

SolasEile Tue 19-May-15 15:17:17

She is rolling over both ways now and crawling but has been for about a month so I thought she would have calmed down about that by now! She was awake from about 11:30pm last night and only went back to sleep eventually next to me in bed. It's getting worse...!

What's hardest for me is my 3 year old getting up too to go to the bathroom. I didn't really expect that aspect of potty training. I just assumed we could leave him in pull ups until it suited us but he has just decided to night train himself shock... worst timing ever.

I can cope with the wake ups when she goes back to sleep but it's wgen she's thrashing around in her crib refusing to go back to sleep that is hard. i have no idea what to do with her then because I can't just leave her to cry but I can't seem to settle her either.

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