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4 month old loves cot too much!!??!

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Katekoom Mon 18-May-15 13:15:52

This is a problem...
Dd is in the bedroom with us at the moment and naps on me in the day. I've been trying to get her to start napping in her cot so as to introduce it to her gradually before she moves into it at night.

She always gets to lie in the cot in the evening whilst we sort her bath out and she has her mobile on which she LOVES.

However, now I'm settling her down in the cot to sleep, she'll open an eye just a slither of a peek (which she does in her crib and is no prob, just closes again and she's off) but it's enough for her to see that she's in the cot and wham! She's awake smiling around at the room.

I love that she loves it but even with very low light she recognises where she is.

I now remove the mobile at nap times but still she's wide a bloody wake. How will I ever get her to sleep in there?!

Hobby2014 Mon 18-May-15 13:18:11

Hmm I don't know.
I've never used the cot as a play area, sleeping only.
Could you make another place as a fun area and keep the cot plain, no toys etc.
Or if you left her in there even when she opens her eyes and realises where she is, would she settle after a while by herself?

FATEdestiny Mon 18-May-15 13:26:18

I've never encouraged play in the cot and actually work to make it dull and boring.

Having said that I know there is a huge contingent of parents who like things like light shows and music and mobiles and toys etc in baby's cot - so you are not unusual there.

DueDecember14 Mon 18-May-15 13:50:25

Hi I wonder if you have the room dark enough? My dd is the same she can be put in her cot for short periods during the day and loves having her mobile on. I just try and make sure I put her at the opposite end from her mobile for naps/nighttime sleep. We have a blackout blind and blackout curtains so her room is very dark but this seems to help her. Me and DH go in with night lights if she wakes during the night. They are not too bright and give just enough light for us to be able to see her. Good luck hope you find a solution soon.

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