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Baby snuffles and sleep - 3 week old

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cwhite Mon 18-May-15 09:33:21

My baby has had the snuffles for a few days, I can see that his nose is blocked but his breathing is definitely raspy when he lies fown. I don't think he can be that blocked up as he is breastfeeding fine, but when I put him down after his Fred during the night he does a lot of grunting and what sounds like throat clearing. My husband says that he is fine and to just leave him to settle but I find it agonising to listen to him making these noises which he does for 5 minutes or 10 perhaps. Is this normal? His sleep is now much more broken, when he is awake it takes around an hour to settle him. We've uses saline spray and had him in a steamy room both which kind of help but not massively. I've orderes a nasal aspirator but am not sure how effective it will be as I can't actually see any mucus.

FATEdestiny Mon 18-May-15 09:50:12

It not unusual for baby to make grunting noises when settling to sleep. If the noise does stop, rather than keeping him awake then it doesn't sound like too much to worry about.

But with a baby so tiny your GP absolutely would not mind you going to get it checked out. There is an illness called bronchiolitis that can be quite serious and require hospitalisation in newborns. So rather than buying aspirators and saline spray and self-diagnosing, it might be worth instead seeing your doctor.

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