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4 month old night farting problems

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babyblabber Sun 17-May-15 08:33:56

Please help!

DD2 is nearly 4 months and for the last few weeks has been waking at least 4 times a night struggling to fart. Last night it was 6 times in 10 hours! The only thing that relaxes her is breastfeeding, soother doesn't help. She usually manages some farts around 5-6am and then falls into a deep sleep.

DD1 was exactly the same and woke 5 times a night til 8 months. I've 3 kids, am self employed and we're moving house soon, I can't cope with so little sleep for another 4 months!

We co-sleep so at least I don't have to get up everytime and I've tried infacol, baby massage etc. She's fine during the day and not constipated. Help!

Discopanda Sun 17-May-15 11:29:28

Have you tried drinking fennel tea? It passes into the milk and helps with baby's wind. With DD1 we had to bicycle her legs too to help her pass gas.

moggle Sun 17-May-15 18:20:04

Our DD had this for a couple of weeks, it solved itself when we moved her into her cot from the bednest so that she had space to roll over. Now spends most nights on her tummy and we can hear her farting through the monitor!
Realise this isn't much help at the moment - DD rolled over at 4.5m but it took another 1.5m before she could do it in a grobag in the cot. Now she squirms all over the place.
I do think fennel tea helped a bit and we also tried massage before bed.

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