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anyone else's 14mo still wake for a night feed???

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sprite25 Wed 13-May-15 19:44:43

DD (14 months) still wakes up once, sometimes twice a night for a bottle. Mentioned it to health visitor at her 1 year check and was told to wean her off one ounce at a time but it didn't work, she won't settle back to sleep unless she has it but it can't just be out of habit as she will drain a 7 ounce bottle then go bback to sleep. I wonder if it's because other than in her cereal she won't touch cows milk in the day?

Ohbollocksandballs Wed 13-May-15 19:47:33

DS dropped his night feed at about 11 months. Have you tried offering water instead of milk? You may find that once it isn't something 'interesting' she won't bother waking up anymore. Will she not take a bottle before bed? Do you offer any supper?

Needsweetstosurvive Wed 13-May-15 20:00:55

It will be habit, the fact she is drinking so much just means that her body is used to having it at night so expects it. The habit/sleep association isn't just having a drink of milk, it's having a full tummy too. My 13mo hasn't had a night feed since about 10mo, slightly different in that I breastfeed. I just delayed the time I gave him it until he wasn't having one until morning. So, for example, I wouldn't feed him until after 1am, then after three days I extended it to no feed until after 1.30am etc. When it got to him not needing one until around 4amish I just cut it all together as it wasn't making him any easier to settle anyway! Bit long winded but it worked. Her body needs to get used to not eating/digesting through the night, which can take some time to adjust to but is healthier. My little one doesn't drink milk in the day, the only milk he gets is on his cereal, maybe in a meal if it includes white sauce. He has a breast feed when he gets up and one at bedtime but will be weaning these soon. Other than that it's just water, which he loves thankfully!

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Wed 13-May-15 20:03:06

When she wakes once, what sort of time is it?

Even at 14 months some babies will struggle to last a whole night. I'd rather have a baby who has a feed at 4.30 and goes back to sleep for 2 hours than one who is ready to start the day at 5am!

sprite25 Wed 13-May-15 20:37:34

She has dinner not long before she goes to bed so shouldn't be hungry, I didn't bother trying to give her water in the night as health visitor said it wouldn't break the habit of her waking for something, but I'm starting to think it's worth a try. The time she wakes varies, sometimes it's 10pm, sometimes it's 2am. She won't take a bottle before bed and hasn't for a long time.

wetsnow Wed 13-May-15 20:47:19

We just went cold turkey at around 10 months an my now 14 month sleeps through. Took 3 nights of upset but I did every thing to comfort but feed. By night for she slept through!
Good luck!

Ohbollocksandballs Wed 13-May-15 20:49:22

The water works for some but not for others. DS didn't sleep through at all until 12mo when I gave him a dummy. Fingers crossed you find something that works for you both soon.

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Wed 13-May-15 21:00:36

We're just night weaning our 18 month old... Have done it in the past but then something happens like illness and she would literally stay awake all night without her milk.
We started by dropping the milk down an ounce at a time until about 4 ounces, then switched to water. For the first week she still woke up for water, but then started to eat more during the day gradually as started to wake once instead of twice. The past couple of nights she hasn't woken at all... Crossing my fingers!

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